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“Who I Am: Claudio Gibellato Pellis, Composer and Music Enthusiast”

"Who I Am: Claudio Gibellato Pellis, Composer and Music Enthusiast"

From the dawn of my childhood, a sonic journey came to life, shaping my destiny as a composer. My musical journey began at the age of ten, when the sweet resonance of chords caressed my ears through Segovia’s classical guitar performance. In that instant, I was spellbound by the magic of music and embarked on my own path.

My passion for classical guitar flourished as an ardent desire: I longed for the instrument and the lessons that would turn it into an extension of myself. Through methodical training, I achieved the proficiency to participate in various music festivals in Italy, even earning the honor of first place. My horizon was a life wholly dedicated to music. However, as is the nature of life’s unpredictable stage, unexpected twists challenge us to rewrite our plans.

A fateful workplace incident, which deprived me of the upper portion of my left thumb, curtailed my ability to play the guitar professionally. The shadow of depression loomed over me, and I abandoned the instrument I so dearly loved.

Years later, the love for music rekindled its flame. Though my fingers could no longer dance across the strings with their previous dexterity, I decided I could express my emotions through composition. Enrolling at the Conservatorio di Torino, embracing formal musical composition and the piano as complementary allies, I embarked on this new path.

Life, unyielding in its dynamism, presented me with the crossroads of moving to Costa Rica—a country that captured my heart and where I found the love of my life, my current wife. This change of scenery meant another temporary hiatus from music, as vocational necessity led me into the field of programming, where I find myself today.

Yet, the tender call of musical passion, unextinguished, returned to my being. I delved into computer music, weaving my programming skills with my musical knowledge. The expression that captivated me most was composing for piano and orchestra, as well as crafting soothing pieces and cinematic soundtracks. In these genres, I discovered the ideal canvas to convey emotions as diverse as sorrow, exuberance, joy, and fear.

Each composition is a manifestation of my deepest artistic philosophy, a reflection of the ongoing masterpiece that is my life. Through my melodies, I aspire to touch hearts, ignite sentiments, and leave an indelible imprint on the symphony of existence.

This journey has brought me to where I stand today. I do not bear the title of a professional composer, nor does my current work revolve around it. Now, my privilege lies in composing for pure delight and passion, with no expectations beyond satisfying my creative soul. I share my creations with you up to this moment and eagerly anticipate unveiling those yet to be born. Amidst unfinished compositions, my goal is to give them shape and life.